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Login Instructions

Quick Connect Guide for Members & Attenders


  • How Do I Login?  (everyone should have their own login)
    • Heritage website:   www.heritagechristian.org
    • Top right corner:  click on Quick Connect
    • Click sign up and fill out information
      • Email in system:  you will receive a login activation email (you may edit this on your profile)
      • Email not in system:  a message will be sent to the church and they will contact you
  • Available for my phone “ how do I add?
    • Mobile login: “ open a web browser window “ go to: heritagechristian.ccbchurch.com “ tap ˜mobile login' at the bottom of page “ use your login.  To add icon to home screen “ tap the arrow button of the Safari window, then tap ˜add to home screen' button which gives you an orange & white icon “ name that QC or Quick Connect. 
  • My Profile “ what do I see / what can I do?
    • Only Primary (and spouse) can see the Financial information  (not your children)
    • Edit your profile “ upload your photo / update your information / change your username and password / set your privacy settings
    • Only one email per person is available
    • Edit your family profile “ moved? “ this function will update all family members at one time
  • Other People's Profile “ what do I see / what can I do?
    • I see
      • All family members
      • Address / phone number / view map to find their house / birthday (no year)
    • I can
      • Send them an email (you don't see the email address but click ˜send an email')
      • Add to my friend's list (they will see more of your information from your privacy defaults)
  • What can I do when I'm logged in?
    • Home Page:
      • Top Right “ click on your name & choose what you want or click profile to view all information
      • The groups you are involved in are listed on the right “ click on any name to go directly to that group
      • Calendar “ click on to see any events for the church or your groups “ click on any event to see the time and location
    • Groups Tab:  search for a group you might be interested in / also another list of your groups
    • Calendar Tab:  also takes you to your calendar and church calendar
    • Messages Tab:  see any messages sent from any groups you are in
    • People Tab:  search for someone in the church “ you do not need to know or type in the full name “ it searches on both first and last names by what you type (the more you type, the narrower the search) ie:  smith will give you anyone who has smith in their first or last name / enter:  t smith and that will narrow the search.  When the name shows up, click on the name to go to their profile.
    • How do I log out?  Top right “ click on your name “ choose Logout
  • Questions