We believe that what we have found in Jesus is too good to keep to ourselves. So we've decided to tell everyone we know about it – even people who live in other parts of the world. Besides, Jesus said something about taking this good news to everyone. We do that in a number of ways.

1. Church Planting

The very best way to tell people about Jesus is through planting new churches. We've been doing that ever since we were a new church plant over 15 years ago. 

We have helped plant churches in New York, Maryland, North Carolina, India, Pakistan and Ecuador. In fact, we want to plant a church on every inhabited continent in the world. We primarily partner with a church planting ministry called Stadia. To find out more about these churches visit our Church Planting page.

2. Child Sponsorship

Through a partnership with Stadia and Compassion International, we have partnered to simultaneously plant new churches and "rescue children from poverty in Jesus' name." These partnerships have resulted in thousands of children coming to know Jesus Christ in recent years. We also sponsor children who are part of New Life Mission in Port-a-Prince Haiti. To find out more, go to our Child Sponsorship page.

3. Missions and Missionary Support

We currently support missionaries in places like England, India, a variety of campus ministries in the US, Panama, Pakistan. To find out more, go to our Missions Support page.

4. Short Term Mission Trips

Every year we send multiple teams to serve overseas. We have had trips to Africa, India, Ecuador, Peru and Haiti in recent years. To find out how to participate in a missions trip, check out our Short Term Mission Trips page.

5. Local Missions

On a regular basis we are sending teams to serve people all over the area. We serve the homeless of inner city Atlanta. We serve several Special Needs schools and participate in a variety of projects in our area. We also offer a ministry called Car Care which serves single mothers, widows and spouses of deployed members of the military. There are lots of ways we are reaching out to those around us.